Spirits In The Sky:
Journal of a Medium

Another down to earth, inspirational, moving and frequently humorous story of a developing medium, book two in a trilogy by:

Lynn Quigley
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Spirits in the Sky is a book absolutely full of communication from Spirit. It’s one of a number of books written by Lynn Quigley, who over the years has become well known as, the “Mediums, Medium” – her link with Spirit being so clear and precise that other mediums and healing channels worldwide, seek her out for the clarity and guidance, of her channelled advice.

In writing it, Lynn honours a contract she has with Spirit to deliver their message in as direct a way as possible, to those who are ready to hear it, and their message goes far beyond proof of continuance of life after death.

Picking up quite literally the day after the previous book "More Friends Than You Know" ended, the range, spectrum and depth of communication within “Spirits In The Sky” is at times simply, mind blowing.

From the four-year-old child telling us, one minute about growing up in the Spirit world, and then asking us the most profound questions about children dying here in the physical world - to the deepest philosophical communication about the nature of our very being and place within the universe – punctuated at times by a visiting Inca Spirit with a grudge against God for “betraying” his people.

The range of communication is truly remarkable – the messages, many and varied. In her first book of the series, “More Friends Than You Know”, Lynn wrote about the development of her natural communication skills with the world of Spirit.

The result was a down to earth, inspirational, moving and frequently humorous story of Lynn the developing medium.

The story of a young girl growing up into adulthood with all the joy, happiness, heartache and pain that physical life brought - interspersed within the book was a story of early Spiritual awareness and a totally honest account of the method Spirit used in training Lynn to work the way she does, with her channelling, spirit release/rescue, healing and “day to day” mediumship.

In continuing to share her story, her journey, and the techniques and communication given by Spirit, Lynn has devoted a year of her life to extracting and compiling information from the transcripts of many hundreds of hours of sittings and direct Spirit communication, and, with her own special style of writing created this brilliant book “Spirits In The Sky”.

In writing this book for you, Lynn re-visited all of the experiences – happy, sad, painful and joyful - as she travelled back through a lifetime of personal memories and some four years of notebooks from the 1990’s.

As with her other books Lynn writes as she lives her life –
“Spirits In The Sky” is a book, not only written from the Heart but
written from the Soul too.

It is Soul level communication she shares with you in her usual open, refreshingly honest and down to earth manner – she tells it, “as it is” with, compassion,
integrity and lots of humour

Spirits In The Sky

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Printed: 472 pages, 8" x 5",
Perfect Bound,
80# white interior paper,
full-colour exterior

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