More Friends Than You Know:
A Journey Into Mediumship

A down to earth, inspirational, moving and frequently humorous story of a developing medium, as experienced by one ordinary woman.
Book one in a trilogy by:

Lynn Quigley
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Lynn Quigley has been a natural communicator since the time she first learnt to string two coherent words together.

Since early childhood Lynn has been aware of spirit being with her and it was in 1991 that she ‘fine tuned’ the skills required to receive and transmit channelled communication from those in spirit who choose to come and help us.

Through her contacts with spirit she has been shown the need for that communication to be passed directly - shown the need for spiritual healing, and, in the course of her own work participates in Spirit release, distant healing both for people, animals and the land.

Seen by many as a;

‘Channels Channel',

Lynn is often sought out by other working channels, both healing and communication, for advice and guidance.

In "More Friends Than You Know" you will find out why her communication is so sought after and, how she was trained by Spirit

You Will Read About Lynn's...

  • Childhood Experience Of Spirit
  • First Visual Experience Of Spirit
  • First Meeting With A Guide
  • First Encounter With Native American Guides

How She...

  • Used Music And Sounds To Raise Consciousness
  • Gained Understanding Of Re-Incarnating Pets
  • Dealt With The Death Of Loved Ones
    (Does Knowledge Of Survival Stop The Pain?)

How Spirit Taught Her To...

  • Prepare For Channeling
  • Become Disiplined In Her Preparation
  • Perform Spirit Release and Rescue
  • Deal With Psychic Attacks
  • Send Effective Distant Healing
  • Deliver The Message Exactly As Spirit Want It Delivering

Lynn has produced a number of publications as given by Spirit -
Her book, "More Friends Than You Know" is a down to earth, inspirational, moving and frequently humorous story of Lynn the developing medium. It is the story of a young girl growing up into adulthood with all the joy, happiness, heartache and pain that physical life brings. Interspersed within the book is a story of early Spiritual awareness. You will learn about the method Spirit used in training Lynn to work the way she does, getting the amazing communication she gets without any fuss, ritual or drama.

What Other's Are Saying...

A recurring phrase from reader's comments is:-

"'s as if Lynn is sat opposite me and talking to me personally..."

"...the information in your book I wish I had, had some years ago, it would of helped me make sense of what was happening at the time and stopped a lot a fear..."

Joanne Gill - (IOM. UK)

" has inspired me to continue with my connections and I thank you for your honesty and humour through out. Can’t wait for the next one!..."

" feel like the writer is talking to you, sharing a very personal experience, which gave me a sense that I was honoured to be allowed such an insight into another person's journey..."

Sue Senior - (Oxford - UK)

"...I couldn’t put it down, each chapter led to me wanting to know what happened next..."

"...There are many things I loved about this book. Primarily, that it is not a 'how to be' book but it is a story which lets you know that it is ok to believe in your own experience..."

Review on Amazon:-

" a time of great sadness in my life, the words in this book helped me through..."

"...this wonderful little book written by
Lynn Quigley is a joy to read. She shares her journey of developing her mediumship and how she uses this gift to help others Lynn also shares a lot of her sad times which, when you read them, makes you feel as though you are walking the path with her. The mix of Joy, tears and wonderment makes this book a must for your bookshelf..."

Healing Today Magazine - issue 110:-

More Friends Than You Know:

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full-colour exterior

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